Break free from
your own prison

Learn to breathe in energy, self-love and happiness,

and breathe out all of those negative thoughts that don’t serve you anymore. 

No more feelings of inadequacy. No more self-sabotaging. No more stress, anxiety, shame or sadness.

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Is this you?

Let me guess.

You’re here because you’re not feeling happy.

You’re anxious, tense and overwhelmed with life.

Your self-esteem is close to zero. You feel like you have no control over your life. Instead, your life has taken control over YOU.

Don’t worry. This is completely normal. You’re probably dealing with stress, depression or anxiety.

By this point, you might have tried a few things to relieve your racing mind and negative thoughts:

Therapy, positive thinking, yoga, meditation, exercising.

But none of it has helped. If anything, it’s made you feel even worse than before.

Your negative thoughts keep coming back. You are starting to think that you’re going crazy.

Gain control over your life.

I know exactly how you feel. Because I’ve been there myself.

I also know how to break free of the misery – and you can do it too!

You see, the problem is not YOU. The problem is your breathing.

Often when we feel really bad, we forget to breathe properly. This is unfortunate because it’s the most crucial mechanism in our body and it’s essential for the well-functioning of our brain.

If you’re not breathing well, you will not feel well.

You will just stay in fight or flight mode. 

So, before you can make any progress with your mental state, you need to nurture your body and brain.

Are you experiencing this?


You feel overwhelmed and worry constantly. Your energy levels are low, and you find it hard to focus. You forget things more often than usually. And you might also experience trouble sleeping, as well as stomach pains and headaches.


You find yourself worrying (a lot) and having difficulty controlling it. Often your thoughts revolve around the fear of something happening, and it’s holding you back from doing things you usually loved doing. You feel nervous and tense. Your mind is racing. 


You feel helpless and hopeless. You’ve lost your ability to feel love and pleasure. Nothing makes much sense to you and you’ve lost interest in life. You don’t have energy for anything, and you harshly criticize yourself for any faults you have or mistakes you make.

Hi, I'm Beata

I'm a certified trainer in conscious breathing

The techniques I teach have changed my life (and many others’).

They made it possible for me to step out of my miserable way of living and open my eyes to new ways.

They gave me peace of mind, put me in the driver’s seat of my own life and allowed me to appreciate myself (more than I ever had before). But more importantly, I now feel truly happy.

Something I had never ever experienced in my life before.

Are you ready to bring peace into your life
and regain confidence, joy and happiness?